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Submissions Guidelines

Thank you for choosing Nervous Ghost Press

We appreciate your support and look forward to reading your submission.

We are currently accepting all genres for our upcoming anthology,  Writing for Life and we ask that you please familiarize yourself with our mission before submitting work.

We invite all submissions through Submittable via their submission portal. Click the link below to submit.

You will notice that we have a small $8 reading fee - all of our readers and editors are industry professionals with years of experience, writing degrees, and published work. The reading fee helps us keep our doors open and allows us to compensate our volunteers for their time. Detailed guidelines below.

No submission limit

500 - 7,500 word limit for prose

Up to 5 pages of poetry per submission

Include with each submission a brief biography of yourself and how your work reflects the Nervous Ghost Press mission statement.

We are accepting all creative writing/ literature genres except work in translation at this time.

*submissions accepted via Submittable only, email and snail mail submissions will not be read.